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Rhyanne McDade

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About Rhyanne McDade

Rhyanne McDade is an experienced Social Scientist with a wealth of knowledge in School-Based Health Initiatives, Health Promotion/Education Health Behavioral Theories and Community Based Program Evaluation & Data Analysis. I have 5+ years of SPSS experience, as well as 5+ years of professional work experience in working with large data sets. I enjoy employing forecasting techniques and statistical models to inform public policy and individual/community health outcomes.

She served as Principal Investigator, Program Director, and Senior Evaluator on a multitude of state, county, and city funded grant initiatives. Broadly speaking, my directorial experiences encompass Behavioral Health, as well as Health Education & Communication based initiatives. Moreover, she spearheaded numerous programs involving many community partnerships (e.g.schools, churches, rec centers) in which I have trained staff, students, and residents on evidenced-based community program delivery. Generally speaking, projects have centered on social, economic and health disparities pervasive in adult and school-age African American; Latin X populations. Several specific project examples include, Do Right! Wellness series (community-based mental health program) and Do Right! Block by Block Initiative (community- based nutrition and physical activity program).
Rhyanne has extensive statistical data analytic experience and served as the Senior Data Analyst and program evaluator on a multitude of public health-based initiatives. I am highly skilled in mix- method research/analyses, data visualization, and inferential statistics (ANOVA, Multiple Regression, and Propensity Score Matching). I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in a myriad of data analytic platforms, with expertise in SPSS.

Broadly, her research analyses have examined relational factors between demographic variables (SES, race/ethnicity, etc.) and behavioral health outcomes (e.g. correlation between student demographics on various stress outcomes {e.g. anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, etc.}).

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